Strands of Gold

Deborah Wynne

Inspirational songs for healing, hope, contemplation and renewal. A rich female lead vocal is accompanied by lush, shimmering harmonies and beautiful instrumentation.

Music is a gift to be shared. It lifts the heart, releases stress, offers hope, and soothes the soul. It connects us to one another and expresses the deepest of our longings. It reaches heights and depths that exist beyond the realm of time and space. It is love made manifest through the vibration of our being, a healing balm in times of illness and despair, and a reminder that we are never truly alone, for we can share this wondrous gift with one another and be healed by its grace.

The beautiful finished product of this album was made possible by David West. His excellent talent as a producer, sound engineer and musician were the driving force behind the development and expansion of these songs. He is a true expert in all categories. George Friedenthal has extraordinary talent and creativity on piano/keyboards. He can play any style brilliantly with professional gusto, and was essential in the production of this album. The finishing touches were done by a master at mastering, Emmet Sargeant. Bo Fox on drums and Jon Crosse on flute added their superb talent as well. It was a magnificent collaboration for which I have much gratitude.

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    Wings 3:29
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