Deborah Wynne


Music has always been a gift in my life.  It sustains me, renews me, delights me and fills me with peace.  To be able to compose, create and share music is a gift that I value with profound gratitude.  It is a playful, prayerful connection to life's rhythmic pulse lying deep within the heart.  It is a form of giving birth--giving birth to love. 

"Strands of Gold" was born out of hope.  I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010.  After undergoing surgery and while in the midst of chemotherapy, I had this thought: God is borrowing my hair right now.  When it is returned to me it will glisten, shine and be filled with new insight.  Each strand is lovingly being tended to and as a result of my journey, I will be that much closer to the One who makes all things new.  What a refuge at a time when despair was close at hand.  The words that filled my mind that day, transformed themselves into the lyrics and music for "A Golden Strand", the song that inspired this album.  I knew once I became well enough, I wanted to create something beautiful and share it with others. 

"Wishapick" was born out of a dream.  A dear friend of mine had a dream.  She dreamt that a little 'being of light' was standing outside her front door.  He bent down, cupped his tiny hands and blew breath through a keyhole which filled the rooms of her home with light.  The first song, Tickety Boo, came to me fully written, just waiting to be brought into the world.  Song after song came forward in this manner, as my friend shared the developing story with me.  We had no idea we would be on this journey together, but what a delight it has been.  It certainly has been a journey of inspiration, hope, joy, discovery and most importantly, friendship. I am very grateful to MM Allen--author of "Wishapick-Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk" and "Let's Play Ball"--for so generously sharing her dream and her imaginative, dazzling, wondrous story with me.  It has been a remarkable journey and a healing experience traveling in the unpredictable, joyous, entertaining land of Wishapick.  The book is available for purchase on  The CD is available for purchase as a download on, iTunes and as a download or CD purchase on 

I have been working with David West at for over 10 years.  The music on both albums was engineered and produced by David West at Play Ball! Musical Services.