Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk

Deborah Wynne

The spectacular music and unforgettable lyrics will grab your attention and transport you into the magical world of Wishapick. You will want to play this music again and again.

Several years ago my friend had a dream. She dreamt that a little being of light was standing outside her front door. He bent down, cupped his tiny hands and blew breath through a keyhole which filled the rooms of her home with an extraordinary, beautiful light. Out of this dream was born the story, "Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk"; born into the land of "Wishapick". The music for this album accompanies the book," WISHAPICK-Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk"-- a magical, fanciful, tall tale for children of all ages. The book is filled with vivid imagery, thrilling action, a constant change of scenery and a plot with many "twists and turns". The reader will accompany a brother and sister, Jack and Lilly, into a world of danger, intrigue and wonder after they jump into their father's black trunk, which sits in the kitchen hallway of their home. This world is filled with many colorful and memorable creatures; creatures who teach the siblings about courage, hope, forgiveness and love. The adventure Jack and Lilly have in this magical world will change them forever.

This album is a musical expression of the enchanting story of Wishapick, and gives voice to the colorful cast of characters through song. The songs are enchanting, joyful, heartfelt and triumphant. Being part of this project has been an endeavor of true inspiration. I must thank M.M. Allen for so generously sharing her dream and her imaginative, dazzling, wondrous story with me.

I worked with amazing musicians who brought this music to life. David West, producer and engineer extraordinaire, as well as expert musician, nurtured this project along over the years and is the backbone of the finished product. He is enormously talented and I am fortunate to have him as the producer of this album. Emmet Sargeant did a remarkable job with the mixing and mastering of the album. George Friedenthal enriched these songs by leaps and bounds with his exceptional talent on the piano and keyboard. His ingenuity for what the music might need was always there, ready and waiting. Mary Patterson, Ken Ryals, Adam Phillips and Lance Boyd lent their lovely character voices to the songs, giving them the added dimension of beauty, depth and fun. I am fortunate and grateful to have the wonderful contribution of each one of these talented people on this project.

It has been a work of heart.

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