In this debut episode, Mary Martha Allen shares a dream that she recently received the first part of this year, on her late father's birthday.  MM realizes that the dream's message was sent to each of us as a reminder to let the Holy Spirit flow freely.   As will happen on each episode, listeners are invited to pick a wish, and to turn it into a prayer.  MM believes that prayer is an intimate conversation with the Divine.  In prayer, our hearts open to God's light, where there is no room for fear.   MM's decisions in life are always based on the guidance she receives through prayer.  The Divine's guidance shaped the children's book, Wishapick:  Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk.  God also brought infinite treasures to the music composed by Deborah Wynne and produced for the Wishapick soundtrack.   In this first episode, you will meet Tickety Boo.  In the fantasy land of Wishapick, Tickety Boo is a representation of the Holy Spirit.  Tickety Boo, in Wishapick, is the Breath of All Good Things.  In the land ot Wishapick, if the villagers remember the name of the Breath of All Good Things--everything will be okay.   MM Allen believes Prayer is Intimate, Creativity is Fearless, and the Divine is Always Giving.   Deborah Wynne believes Beautiful Music is God Breathing Love into us, caressing our tender hearts... Enjoy the intimate, fearless and divine journey as MM Allen shares the sacred, miraculous events that inspired the writing and music of Wishapick.