This episode is about courage and passion, which MM feels are inseparable companions. Fear can be a tough adversary when we’re dealing with difficult circumstances, but it is no match for the Holy Spirit, which through the intimacy of prayer, will help us unearth our passion and move forward with courage.  MM shares that when her own children were young, she passionately wanted to safeguard them at their school.  She thought that the best solution would be to find a group of loving people to pray for them.  Shortly thereafter, MM received an invitation from a neighbor she hadn’t met, inviting her to join a group of moms, who would pray together for their children, teachers and school.  MM knew it was an answer to her own prayers and became a courageous and passionate participant in the Moms in Touch Prayer Group.  Her real-life story is a reminder that our prayers are always heard, and that when we give up control, the Divine will lovingly come up with the best solution.  The day before the prayer group was to meet, MM was gifted a Black Trunk by a beloved relative.  She excitedly opened it and discovered that it was filled with wrapping paper.  Toward the bottom of the trunk, the once colorful paper that had been used to surprise people with beautifully wrapped gifts had lost its luster, as things do when they remain in the dark.  When she held the paper up to the light, she found that it was still beautiful.  In this episode, Marty’s reflections and Deborah’s song, The Black Trunk, demonstrate the courage that the main characters from the Wishapick children’s book called upon to face the darkness and transform it into lightness and love.